Reportercast June 2022: Jamison Firestone on Russia sanctions

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In this first episode, our guest is Jamison Firestone, a legendary lawyer and campaigner among Russia-watchers.

He discusses his experience of living in Moscow in the 90s, then being driven out after his friend and colleague Sergei Magnitsky was killed for discovering a massive state-enabled corruption scheme.

Jamison played a top role in the ensuing global Magnistky campaign to bring sanctions against Russia for human rights abuse and corruption, and is now helping Alexei Navalny in his own drive to bring democracy to Russia. He also shared his views on Russia’s war in Ukraine, illicit financial flows that enabled it and the West’s attitude to dirty money more broadly.

Bonus: Jamison also shares a few memories of Moscow’s surprisingly liberal gay scene before oppressive laws were brought in under Vladimir Putin.

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