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  • Reporter and openDemocracy: call for sanctions on Transnistria

    Reporter, collaborating with Irina Tabaranu, the editor of Transnistria-focused website Zona De Securitate, and openDemocracy, the UK-based news outlet, have exclusively revealed a call by influential sanctions campaigner Bill Browder to impose penalties on the regime in Transnistria over its treatment of pro-Ukraine dissident Victor Pleșcanov. Pleșcanov, whose case Reporter and Zona de Securitate have […]

  • Reporter and AML Intelligence reveal glaring loophole in the UK sanctions regime

    LONDON–AML Intelligence, a new and fast-expanding news provider for money laundering compliance professionals, has published an exclusive article in collaboration with Reporter, outlining the concerns experts in London and internationally have about the British government’s approach to sanctions enforcement. The main issue is around the discretion British regulators give themselves in placing sanctions on companies […]

  • White shoe lawyers Dechert dump Russia-linked Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor after US sanctions

    CHIȘINĂU–Kremlin-friendly oligarchs are becoming too toxic for UK and US lawyers to work for in the wake of global sanctions amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The controversial Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor has been linked by the US government with Russia’s security service, the FSB, as well as large-scale economic crime – but his now ex-law […]

  • Reporter.London and The Daily Beast expose plight of Transnistrian dissident opposing Putin’s Ukraine invasion

    US website The Daily Beast published an article in collaboration with Reporter.London on October 25, highlighting the unjust imprisonment in Transnistria of Victor Pleșcanov, 58, for expressing criticism against Russia and support for Ukraine amid dictator Vladimir Putin’s war of genocide. Pleșcanov, a working-class man with a sense of humour and a natural desire to […]

  • Reportercast July 2022: Edward Lucas on Eastern Europe’s geopolitics

    Welcome, welcome, to the second episode of our monthly Reportercast, now available on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Youtube. Or you may listen directly from Acast and Youtube below, as well as use the RSS feed code to add the stream to your preferred podcast app. The guest was Edward […]

  • Reportercast June 2022: Jamison Firestone on Russia sanctions

    In this first episode, our guest is Jamison Firestone, a legendary lawyer and campaigner among Russia-watchers. He discusses his experience of living in Moscow in the 90s, then being driven out after his friend and colleague Sergei Magnitsky was killed for discovering a massive state-enabled corruption scheme. Jamison played a top role in the ensuing […]