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“Disturb us, Lord” ― Sir Francis Drake

Reporter. London is a journalism agency created in 2022 to specialise in exclusive stories told in a variety of media including articles, video and sound.

Investigative financial journalists are the vital antibodies that healthy free market capitalism requires and that is the role Reporter seeks to play in the media market, although it will occasionally cover issues that go beyond the field of finance.

We will focus on information that would otherwise not be revealed, and seek to collaborate with established media outlets to co-publish stories where the West and developing countries are involved. Our primary expertise is in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but with time we aim to increase coverage of Africa as well.

We will dig into corporate litigation and malfeasance, complex fraud, money laundering, and the economic aspects of organised crime, corruption, armed conflict, hostile state influence and political extremism.

We will champion and cultivate whistleblowers, confidential sources and document disclosure, and occasionally we will do undercover work when the public interest is strong enough.

Our podcast will feature compelling guests who established media has overlooked. Opinions and polemic as well as current affairs, politics and geopolitics will be discussed freely.

Through our own coverage on reporter.london and co-publishing partnerships, we will be addressing a global audience of professionals in the areas of white collar crime, compliance and investigation, as well as private- and public-sector decision-makers, government policymakers, civil society groups, journalists and commissioning editors, and interested members of the population.

So far Reporter.London is a one-man band: owner and publisher Matei Rosca does most of the work with voluntary help from friends he can’t afford to pay to join full time yet.

Email Matei on matei@reporter.london, or phone him (including via Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp) on +447784634196. For confidential or anonymous tips create a Protonmail account and email 10ofclubs-at-protonmail-dot-com.

We are in the process of incorporating a legal entity and registering an official address.