Reporter and BuzzFeed analyse human trafficking in Romania

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The collaboration, published on February 21, came about in the context of the arrest of controversial online influencer Andrew Tate, under suspicion of human trafficking, rape, forming an organised crime group and other crimes — along with his brother and two female accomplices. They deny the allegations.

Reporter has dug up exclusive detail about how Romanian law enforcement operates and what the challenges are for those fighting the phenomenon of human trafficking in a country that has been for years Europe’s top source of victims, including many minors and children.

Notwithstanding the ongoing investigation into the Tates, which had yet to go to trial as of writing, Romanian criminal gangs have long specialised in human trafficking and some have reached levels of sophistication that allow them to operate globally, with resources to the tune of millions of dollars, and multiple tools available to them in seeking to avoid the law.

With access to senior law enforcement and government officials, as well as MPs and NGOs, the article sheds a new light on the Andrew Tate saga. Click here for the full story on BuzzFeed.