Reportercast January 2023 with Dan Neidle, on the Nadhim Zahawi scandal, corporate transparency and libel law

The last Reportercast of the season (meaning we’re taking a break to plan this experiment’s future) features Dan Neidle, a tax and transparency expert and founder of the Tax Policy Associates think tank, who has been in the news frequently in recent weeks over the key role he played in uncovering the scandal around Tory Chairman Nadhim Zahawi’s tax arrangements.

Neidle also talks about his background as a top tax lawyer with Clifford Chance, his wish to retire and go into public interest policy analysis, and his experience and views on spurious libel threats (which he received from Zahawi’s lawyers).

Neidle also could take credit for a recent tightening of guidelines from the Solicitors Regulation Authority around when and how lawyers are able to claim confidential correspondence, and is an overall affable and knowledgeable man.

After dealing with the introductions and the news, the talk drifted slightly into big-world policy debates and politics, which Neidle is keen to stay clear of, preferring a role as an expert who “talks to all four main political parties” — namely Labour, the Conservatives, the LibDems and the Scottish Nationalists.

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