Reportercast December 2022 with Garrett Ziegler on the Hunter Biden saga

Ho, ho, ho… Merry Christmas to everyone, especially the people interested in our Reportercast.

And this latest festive episode dropping today features a man who is at the heart of one of the biggest stories in the world, that of the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, alleged illegal lobbying and financial crimes, dissolution and the ensuing censorship scandal recently re-surfaced in media by reporting on the “Twitter files.”

Hunter Biden was also active in Eastern Europe, at the highest levels of politics and business, including some juicy scandals in Romania and Ukraine, two countries of particular interest to our website.

There are also controversies surrounding the origins of the story and the political biases of Ziegler and his colleagues from the non-profit Marco Polo, which published a thorough report on the Biden laptop and other allegations.

Ziegler is a former Trump White House staffer and an avowed Christian Conservative who resents the entire political class of the US, as he explains on the podcast.

He also mentions that he has an open mind on whether there is free trade in Heaven (how’s that for diversity?) and that his next project will be to investigate the influence of Mexican drug cartels on US politics.

This podcast is for anyone interested in this story and looking to better understand the complexities of US politics, as well as the allegations made against Biden, Twitter and ultimately, the modern mix of money and high-powered politics.

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