Reporter and The Guardian expose gross lapses at crypto casino Stake

Nice to see our name in print, in the world’s oldest Sunday newspaper no less. This was a great collaboration with The Guardian and The Observer, through their ace business reporter Rob Davies, who has long investigated issues relating to gambling and sport.

The print version of our journalistic investigation, published October 2

It was also the first successful collaborative investigation brought by Reporter.London to national British media since this journalism agency was created in June 2022.

Here is the link to the story published online October 1- a labourious exclusive exposing Stake’s weak age and anti-money laundering checks on its crypto betting site, and in spite of the firm’s previous denials.

A reference to Reporter.London in the Observer print edition.

There are several egregious lapses on Stake’s part documented in the story, but the most serious is that although barring children from gambling is seen as paramount, Stake’s checks on its users to ensure they are of legal age have been shown up as ineffective.

Separately from the gambling, the website can be used as a global cryptocurrency transfer platform, again without effective checks, as described in our article.

Reporter’s initial exclusive referenced by The Observer, revealed that a UK business owner is preparing to sue Stake over losses by its worker. We also showed how Stake’s “affiliate marketing” promoted the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to evade UK checks on crypto gambling.

Stake is also being taken to court in New York by a former insider who claims he has been cheated out of his, holdings in the company. We covered this news separately in another collaborative article with The Guardian’s Rob Davies.