Reportercast August 2023 with Amazon’s Abigail Bishop on scams and other fraud

Abigail Bishop is Amazon’s “Head of External Relations, Scams Prevention” and her job is to campaign to educate Amazon’s customers about scams being run against them around the world. These scams are of multiple types and growing increasingly sophisticated, with Bishop citing low reporting rates as an additional issue.

She also spoke to host Matei Rosca about how Amazon investigates other types of fraud such as counterfeiting, and its collaboration with law enforcement in different countries.

Bishop also covered more specialised issues such as the use of private prosecutions in the UK, the susceptibility of young people to fraud, and the ways that so-called affiliate marketing is being gamed by fraudsters.

She spoke of her wish to spread awareness of scams and help people get over the initial embarrassment of being scammed, which leads to some deciding to keep the crime a secret.

She said Amazon was investing in this area because it wanted people to have a safe experience shopping online regardless of where they shopped – after all which company would be the worst off if e-commerce becomes seen as unreliable, if not Amazon?

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